The Belgian Kilometre Charging System

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Goods transportation vehicles driving on the Belgian roads have to pay a kilometre charge. Each of the 3 Regions of Belgium sets its tolled road network and applicable tariffs. Discover more here.

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The Heavy Goods Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of more than 3.5 tonnes and the Semi-trailer tractors of the N1 category with a body code BC, regardless of their weight. Read more here. 

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To comply with the requirements of the Belgian Kilometre Charging System, you need to have an On Board Unit (OBU) showing at all times a green light in all your vehicles driving in Belgium. More information here.

Why Satellic?

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Your Customer Journey

Where can you get an OBU?

You can order your On Board Unit on the Road User Portal (RUP), get it at a Service Point or ask one of our Business Partners to assist you. We advise you to order it on the Road User Portal in order to enjoy all the benefits of a full account! Check the advantages of each method here and discover which documents you need to get the OBU.

How will you pay the toll?

You then have to choose if you will pay the toll on a prepaid scheme or on a post-paid scheme. Satellic offers you the largest choice of payment means on the market, ranging from fuel, debit and credit cards, to cash, bank transfer and even direct debit and Business Partner payment.

How to couple the OBU?

You have to couple the On Board Unit to a vehicle in order for it to work. 

How to install the OBU in your vehicle?

The OBU should be connected to the vehicle power at all times, either via an easy mobile installation (with the power cable to the cigarette lighter socket) or by choosing a fixed installation. 

Check if the OBU light is green 

You may only start to drive if your OBU shows a green light. 


Start to drive!

Start to drive!

Which billing documents will you receive?

Only people with a free full account receive billing documents!  
As each Belgian Region sets its taxes (the Flemish Region and the Brussels-Capital Region) or fees (the Walloon Region) independently, it is not possible to receive just one invoice for the three Regions combined. You can download your billing documents on the Road User Portal. The billing documents you receive depend on the payment mean you selected to pay the toll: 

How to return your OBU?

If you are leaving Belgium but plan to come back within the next three weeks, you don’t need to return your OBU!  If you do not plan to return to Belgium within the next three weeks, please return your OBU (via the Road User Portal, or via a Service Point).