Why Satellic?

obu scree

9 reasons why the Satellic solution is probably the perfect fit for you!

1) Intelligent OBU with extended information on the screen:

The Satellic OBU calculates the toll driven thanks to its own processors, map matcher and GPS module. This allows us to offer you far more information on the OBU screen: not only can you see the toll tariff of the road you are driving on, but you also can see the total toll amount of the day.  > Monitor your toll consumption better and on the spot!

2) No subscription fee, no minimum contract duration, no rent… Absolute freedom:

At Satellic, you only pay for the toll you owe, nothing more nothing less.
> Enjoy complete freedom and be sure to opt for the best offer on the Belgian market!

3) Fleet invoice for simplified accounting:

If you are managing a fleet of several trucks, you will benefit largely from our Fleet Invoice: all the toll driven by your fleet in one region is conveniently grouped by payment mean on 1 invoice. > With the Fleet Invoice you save on your administration costs and it allows for easier VAT refunds.

4) Secure online customer portal and 24/7 customer support:

On our Satellic Road User Portal (RUP), you can manage your toll account, download all your invoices in 1 click, order and couple new OBUs and vehicles, and a lot more. Need help? Our customer advisors are reachable 24/7 by phone, chat or e-mail and will gladly help you in 4 languages! > Manage your account online at any time and get in touch with our customer support 24/7 to get a quick answer to your questions.

5) More than 120 service points all over Belgium:

Use our Satellic Service Points to quickly and easily get an OBU, top-up your OBU or manage your account! Our Service Points are situated next to all the major access roads to Belgium and are easily accessible, only a 30 minutes drive from any location in Belgium. Our Service Points can be used in 8 languages! > Get a new OBU for your truck in just a few minutes and top-up your prepaid OBU easily thanks to our widespread network of service points!

6) FREE OBU shipping in Europe:

Order your Satellic OBU per piece or in bulk via the RUP and have it delivered for free within 2 to 5 working days! > Your OBUs delivered quickly and for free at your doorstep all across Europe!

7) Free fleet tracking tool (journey visualisation service*):

Follow your vehicles nearly in real time during their journey in Belgium and visualise on an interactive map the roads driven on one or multiple days. It is also possible to conveniently download the data in a “KML” file and use it in your own geolocation tool. Moreover with the Detailed trip statement, coupled to your invoices, you can also check in detail on which road sections a vehicle has been driving.  > Knowing where your vehicles are driving on a certain day enables you to control the exactness of the toll charged.
*Your consent, as well as a prior activation of the service is needed to track your trucks

8) “Over The Air” updates of the OBU:

Which means your OBU stays updated with the latest software all the time wherever you are driving in Europe. No need to connect your OBU to a PC. No maintenance needed: the OBU software updates automatically through the GSM network. > Always drive with the most updated OBU software and take full advantage of the latest system innovations without losing time.

9) Proactive and preventive communication:

You can sleep soundly: should we detect some abnormalities in your account - e.g. low prepay balance, a blocked credit/fuel card, wrong vehicle papers, wrong weight or Euro-class registered – and we will contact you immediately per e-mail! > Stay informed about your account.