Whistleblower Platform

Information regarding violations of legal obligations or Satellic NV/SA rules and regulations can be reported to the Satellic NV/SA internal whistleblower channel or to the Deutsche Telekom Group Compliance Management via the whistleblower portal TellMe.

Compliance with laws and internal policies and code of conduct is of major importance to Satellic NV/SA because we believe that integrity, ethics and personal responsibility are key to the company's success. We therefore strive to avoid any risk that could compromise our integrity and harm others. In order to fulfil this responsibility, it is of the utmost importance that we are made aware of any compliance related misconduct. 

Satellic NV/SA therefore provides all employees and external parties with the appropriate means to report potential violations of laws and internal regulations. If requested, your data and information will be kept confidential to the extent required by applicable law. All reports will be thoroughly assessed, cases of suspicion investigated and sanctions consistently applied where appropriate. 

This also includes references to human rights or environmental risks and violations of rights. This may affect the actions of our employees in our own operations or those of our suppliers or business partners. 

Please help us to continue to be a reliable business partner and a successful service provider to our customers by reporting serious violations of the law or infringements of rules and regulations involving Satellic NV/SA. 

You can make a report using the following communication channels:

Phone: +32 2 416 04 00

Email: whistleblower@satellic.be