The Belgian Kilometre Charging System

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What is it?

  • In Belgium, a toll is levied on motorways and on several Regional and municipal roads.  

  • Sustainable principle: everyone pays a fair contribution to use the Belgian roads. 

  • The tolled road network and the applicable tariffs have been set by the 3 Belgian Regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels-Capital).
    >  Viapass is the entity representing those 3 Regions: Visit the Viapass website for more information on the tariffs and tolled roads. 
    Satellic collects the toll on behalf of Viapass.  

  • Distinctive feature: In Flanders and in the Brussels-Capital Region, the Kilometre Charge is a tax. In Wallonia, it is a fee subject to VAT since the roads are managed by the private company Sofico. Click here to see how you can recuperate the VAT.

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Which vehicles have to pay the toll?

  • Heavy Goods Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of more than 3.5 tonnes.  

  • Semi-trailer tractors of the N1 category with a body code BC, regardless of their weight (since 1 January 2018).

Some vehicles are exempted from paying the toll: download the “Clarifying table with examples of vehicles that may or may not be subject to the toll”  on the Viapass website. 

Controls: Fixed, flexible and mobile controls are organised across Belgium to check whether all the vehicles have a working On Board Unit. The amount of the fine issued by the Regional authorities varies from 100 to 1000 EUR. Check the Viapass website for more information.

Privacy: All the data that are sent by the On Board Unit to our systems are encrypted. This ensures that the customer’s privacy is secured at all times.
Journey visualisation service: You can always see how many kilometres your vehicles have driven, but not on exactly which routes they were driving. By activating our free journey visualisation service on the Road User Portal, you allow Satellic to track the full journeys of your vehicles. You are, however, the only person who has access to the data concerning those journeys (via the Road User Portal). The fleet manager acknowledges that s/he must have an appropriate legal ground to activate this service on behalf of the drivers.

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How do I pay the toll? Get your On Board Unit!

To comply with the requirements of the Belgian Kilometre Charging System, you need to have an On Board Unit (OBU) showing at all times a green light (and no error message) in all your vehicles driving in Belgium.

The On Board Unit is the smart device which calculates the toll to be paid according to
- the number of kilometres driven (calculated via satellite signals)
- on which type of road those kilometres were driven and
- by which vehicle: the toll tariff depends on the weight (Gross Combination Weight Rating) and the EURO Emission Class of the vehicle.

You are no longer compliant with the requirements of the Belgian Kilometre Charging System. You must stop your journey as soon as possible and call Customer support (available 24/7) immediately: 00800-SATELLIC (from Belgium and neighbouring countries) or
+32 2 416 0 416 from any location
*Calls from mobile networks may be surcharged according to the terms and conditions of your mobile service operator.