3. Couple the OBU

3. Couple the OBU

An On Board Unit must be coupled to a vehicle in order to work.
- If you only ordered one OBU, it is automatically coupled to the vehicle you last registered.
- If you order multiple OBUs, you must couple them yourself to the vehicles you have registered.

Read this manual or watch that video to discover how to couple your OBU to a vehicle

The system is thus very flexible, as you are free to couple an OBU to a vehicle and to decouple it later to couple it to another vehicle.
Note that, when you couple your OBU to another vehicle:

  • You do not have to pay the deposit again
  • You must select again your preferred payment mean for the toll

If your vehicle is driving on the Belgian roads with an OBU that is coupled to another vehicle, you may get a fine!