1. Get an OBU

Where can I get an OBU?

    > Create a standard account and order the OBU online via the ROAD USER PORTAL.
    Delivery free of charge within 2-5 working days (in Belgium and in the neighbouring countries). Read the manual “Create a  Standard Account” for more information on the process to follow to create a full account.

    - Order multiple OBUs at once.
    - Receive your billing documents (necessary to reclaim the VAT on the Sofico invoices).
    - Enjoy all the advantages of a full account 24/7: Get your own personalised secured online environment on the Road User Portal, which offers you a simple and comprehensive way to manage your journeys in Belgium: you can easily register your company, register and manage your vehicles, decouple an OBU and couple it to a new vehicle, manage your company data and your payment means, as well as download your billing documents.

    > Stop at a Service Point and to get an OBU via a service point account.
    Service points can be found everywhere in Belgium and along the borders in neighbouring countries: check our List of all the Service Points and read our Full Service Point User Manual for more information on the process to get an OBU.

    - Immediate delivery
    - Place to go to when:
    You urgently want to exchange an OBU in order to get a new one.
    You are about to enter Belgium without an OBU.
    You urgently need an OBU.

Important! A service point account is a basic account, you can upgrade to a free standard account e.g. to get detailed trip statements per vehicle as well as to receive our latest news per e-mail.

Check our Manual “Upgrade your Service Point Account to a Standard Account”. 

TIP! When you get your OBU, you will receive a PIN code.
Make sure you keep it!

You will need it to upgrade your service point account to a standard account or to merge it with an existing standard account.

  • BUSINESS PARTNERS: If you have created a full account, you can also get an On Board Unit via one of our Business Partners

    Get support to become compliant with the requirements of the Belgian Kilometre Charging System and to pay the toll: some partners only assist with the registration of your account, whilst others will take care of the whole process, from the registration of your account to the coupling of the On Board Unit to your vehicle. 
    Certain partners serve as a third-party payer and  guarantee the payment of the toll to Satellic.

    If you are interested in a cooperation with a Business Partner, please get in contact with one of our Business Partners and check out their offers.

What do you need to get the OBU?

To get an On Board Unit, you need:

  • THE PAPERS OF YOUR VEHICLE:  You will have to enter the country of origin, the licence plate number, the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR)* and the EURO Emission Class** of the vehicle

    For semi-trailer tractors of the N1 category with a body code BC, the owner must also upload documents that clearly indicate that the vehicle is a N1 BC vehicle, such as: the identification report, the technical file, the Vehicle Registration Certificate, the certificate of conformity or a conversion document.

    To complete the registration of the vehicle, you must upload (in pdf, jpeg, tiff, png formats) or scan a copy of all the relevant documents supporting this data. It is important that the vehicle data you have saved on the Road User Portal or at the Service Point matches the data specified on the vehicle papers: registering incorrect data may lead to fines.
    All the necessary information to register your vehicle is to be found in the manual "Register a Vehicle".

    * If you are not sure which weight to register, check the "Vehicle Papers" section  here.
    For Belgian heavy goods vehicles only: if the identification report of your vehicle shows a higher “F3” (Gross Combination Weight Rating) value than the “F1” or “F2” value, and indicates a coupling code “9 without”, you are allowed to register “F2” for the vehicle weight, and if this value is missing, the “F1” value.

    ** If you cannot provide evidence of your vehicle’s EURO Emission Class, we kindly refer you to the Viapass website, on which you will find this table, that will support you during the registration process.
    This is refunded once the OBU is returned in good working order, undamaged and complete (with the original power cable wrapped around the OBU and the 4 suction cups fixed on the OBU).
    > If you order your OBU on the Road User Portal, you can pay your OBU deposit with a credit card, fuel card or debit card and per bank transfer.
    > If you get your OBU at a Service Point, you can pay the deposit of your OBU cash or with a credit card, fuel card or debit card.

To create a standard account, you also need: company information: e.g. VAT number and e-mail address

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