About Satellic

With more than 600.000 international customers, Satellic is the main toll operator in Belgium. 

We are a Belgian company with more than 100 employees located in Diegem. We were appointed in July 2014 by the three Belgian Regions to collect on their behalf the toll from Heavy Goods Vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes and from N1 BC vehicles. In less than two years, we have designed, built, financed and made operational a complete kilometre charging system. We are currently operating and managing the system.  

Satellic NV was selected via a public tender procedure set up by the regional Belgian authorities. Satellic NV has been chosen for its unique expertise. As Belgian joint venture between T-Systems and Strabag, we have a vast experience in all the aspects of the deployment of an intelligent kilometre charging system. Having fully built up the Belgian system makes us the undisputed technological leader in this field. We work under the supervision of Viapass.

In its On Board Unit, Satellic uses satellite positioning technology (GNSS) together with mobile (GSM) and dedicated short range communication (DSRC). The Satellic kilometre charging system was launched on 1 October 2015, and the distribution of the On Board Units also began on that date. 

The commercial operations have been launched on 1 April 2016. Today, Satellic has more than 600 000 active OBUs installed in trucks coming from 100 different countries. Between 130.000 and 140.000 heavy goods vehicles subject to toll use the Belgian road network every day.

Discover the Satellic factsheet and stay up to date by reading our news and press releases. 

Satellic and the environment

Our declaration with respect to environmental protection  
Satellic employs an environmental management system which meets the requirements of international standard ISO 14001. Our system ensures that the development, installation and operation of the truck toll system in Belgium has as little impact on the environment as possible.  

In all its business processes that might influence the environment, Satellic has incorporated an unambiguous environmental code of practice – for example in the purchase of products and services. The key environmental objectives are:  

  • To promote environmentally oriented thinking and action at Satellic.  

  • To cut back on the use of resources.  

  • To reduce waste.