Where and how can I get/order an OBU (On Board Unit)?

There are three ways to get an OBU: online on the Road User Portal, through a Business Partner or directly at a Service Point.

  • 1) OBUs can be ordered online via the Road User Portal (RUP). Your OBU will be sent by postal mail and delivered in the EU within two to five working days after the €135 deposit has been received. For more information, please read our Manual “Order an OBU”.
  • 2) If you need an OBU urgently, you can also obtain one at a Service Point. Service Points are located across Belgium and abroad around border crossings. Please read our Short Manual for more information. If you have registered at a Service Point, you have created a service point account. You can then upgrade it to a standard account. The manual “Upgrade your service point account to a standard account” will guide you through the process. 
  • 3) You obtain an OBU and pay the toll via a Satellic Business Partner. First, you have to be or to become a customer of this Business Partner and must thus sign a contract with them. Once you are a known customer of a specific Business Partner, it is possible to choose “Satellic Business Partner” as a payment method when ordering an OBU on the Road User Portal or at a Service Point.

Check our FAQ “What information and which documents do I need to get an OBU?” for details.

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