What information and which documents do I need to get an OBU?

To get an OBU, you will need to enter the following data:

  • The country of origin of the vehicle
  • The licence plate number of the vehicle
  • The Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of the vehicle
  • The EURO Emission Class*

You need to upload (on the Road User Portal) or scan (at a Service Point) a copy of all relevant documents providing proof of this data: your vehicle papers. See here under "Vehicle Papers" per country where you can retrieve these values from your vehicle documents.

  • If your vehicle is a N1 BC semi-trailer tractor, you will also need to upload at least one document that clearly indicates that the vehicle is a N1 BC semi-trailer tractor: Identification Report, Technical File, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Certificate of Conformity or possibly the conversion document. If it is not possible to conclude with certainty based on the uploaded documents that it is a N1 BC vehicle, please contact our Customer support.
  • If you are driving with Z-licence plates (dealer licence plates), you don’t always know which type of truck you will be driving on a certain day. Therefore, you need to register your OBU in the highest weight class and the lowest EURO Emission Class of the trucks you will be driving with that Z-licence plate. Keep in mind that this can be the values of 2 different trucks. You need to scan the vehicle documents of those 2 corresponding vehicles to prove the EURO -Emission and Weight Class.
    Example: if you know you will drive 3 types of trucks: a 40 tonnes truck / EURO Emission Class 6, a 18 tonnes truck / EURO Emission Class 5 and also a 4 tonnes truck / EURO Emission Class 3, you need to register the following values: 40 tonnes and EURO Emission Class 3. Vehicles with a test drive licence plate type ZZ, solely used according to the terms of the Royal Decree of 8 January 1996 on the rules on the registration of commercial number plates for motor vehicles and trailers, are exempted.

It is important that the data you have entered on the Road User Portal or at the Service Point for your vehicle, matches the data specified on the vehicle papers. You can then be sure that the amount of toll you have to pay is correct and you will not receive any fine. We remind you that those who fail to comply with Belgian Road Pricing regulations risk a fine amounting to maximum of €1,000!

*In some cases, the EURO Emission Class  is not indicated on the registration documents: please use the table entitled "Semi-trailer towing vehicles: Emission table when no euro norm is indicated", which may be found on the Viapass website.

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