When will my OBU deposit and my prepaid balance be refunded?

Satellic refunds your deposit automatically within 30 days after the OBU arrived at our warehouse if:

  • The OBU is returned in good working order, undamaged and complete (i.e. together with the battery, the cable and the 4 suction cups).
  • And if a valid bank account number (IBAN and BIC) has been entered on the Road User Portal or at the Service Point.  Note that if you have a full account, you will have to confirm the bank account details for each OBU you return. If you want to enter the relevant bank details but you got your OBU at a Service Point and haven’t registered on the Road User Portal yet, you can simply log onto the Road User Portal (or at a Service Point) using your licence plate number, the country of origin of the vehicle and the OBU PIN code.

The same applies for the remaining prepaid balance. For your convenience and to make accounting follow-up easier, we also include the OBU serial number in the reimbursement reference.

Please note that a quality check will be conducted upon reception of your OBU. Read our FAQ How to return my OBU properly? to make sure you return the OBU correctly and thus get the full deposit back.

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