How can I return my OBU properly?

You can return your OBU on the Road User Portal or at a Service Point.

  • If you want to return your OBU at a Service Point, we advise you to read our Full Service Point User Manual. If you return your OBU at a Service Point, you need to insert it without blister inside the OBU return box of the toll terminal once you have completed the OBU return process at the Service Point. The OBU must be returned with the cable wrapped around it and the suction cups attached to it.
  • If you want to return your OBU via the Road User Portal, please read our RUP Manual “Return your OBU”. If you return your OBU by post (to Satellic Return, c/o WAAK, Industrielaan 4b, Poort 231, B-8501 Heule, Belgium) or via the OBU pick-up service (IMPORTANT: 1 OBU per package), pack your OBU following the "Checklist for Good Packaging" (see hereunder) and ONLY use the address label you have obtained on the Road User Portal at the end of the return process!
    Please note that the return of an OBU via the Road User Portal and the pick-up service are limited exclusively to returns from within the European Union. For returns from any other country, please follow this link.

    Checklist for Good Packaging: 
    Use a sturdy cardboard box with completely intact flaps
    Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous shipment markings on the box that are no longer applicable
    Pack all items separately
    Use proper protective equipment such as bubble wrap or polyurethane chips
    Use strong tape that is specially designed for transport
    Do not use rope or paper over-wrap
    Only use the address label you have obtained on the Road User Portal, on which both the destination and the return addresses are clearly and fully mentioned
    Place a duplicate address label inside the package
    If you are returning several OBUs at the same time, please make sure you also affix the Satellic UN3481 label to your parcel.

Please note that to get the full OBU Deposit repaid:
- Your OBU must be returned in good working order, undamaged and complete.
- The red master seal (in the bottom right-hand right corner on the back of the OBU) must not be broken or missing.
- The red seal of the battery compartment (in the middle on the back of the OBU) must not be broken or missing (except if your OBU was fixed installed).            
 - All the components of the OBU mentioned above should be sent back in one package. This means that we will not accept any OBU component which is sent separately.

Make sure you download our leaflet How can I return my OBU properly?  to see multiple examples of correctly – or not correctly – returned OBUs!

After returning the OBU
Satellic will perform an independent assessment with regard to the repayment of the OBU Deposit, and this decision will be communicated to the e-mail address you provided to Satellic. If Satellic determines that you have the right to a repayment of the OBU Deposit and if a valid bank account (IBAN and BIC) number has been entered at the Service Point or on the Road User Portal, your OBU deposit will be refunded within 30 days following receipt of the returned OBU.

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