At Satellic, our dedication to excellence transcends tolling systems; it is deeply embedded in our organisational culture.

The Flemish government decided to change the tariff of 686 km of their tolled road network and to create a new tariff category for zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), as of 1 January 2024.

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Satellic | Tolling made easy

With more than 600.000 international customers, Satellic is the main toll operator in Belgium.

Satellic was  appointed in July 2014 by the three Belgian Regions to collect on their behalf the toll from Heavy Goods Vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes and from N1 BC vehicles.

In less than two years, Satellic has designed, built, financed and made operational a complete kilometre charging system. The company is also currently operating and managing the system.  

Satellic On Board Unit

The Satellic On Board Unit is the smart device which calculates the toll to be paid according to
- the number of kilometres driven (calculated via satellite signals)
- on which type of road those kilometres were driven and
- by which vehicle: the toll tariff depends on the weight (Gross Combination Weight Rating) and the EURO Emission Class of the vehicle.

Belgian Kilometre Charging System

On 1 April 2016 a new kilometre charging system for heavy goods vehicles in Belgium has been introduced. This implies that every heavy goods vehicle (+3.5t) must be equipped with a working On Board Unit (OBU) when driving on any Belgian road and pay toll. 

Satellic is the main toll operator in Belgium with more than 600.000 international customers. 

Service Points

Service points can be found everywhere in Belgium and along the borders in neighbouring countries: check our List of all the Service Points and read our Full Service Point User Manual for more information on the process to get an OBU.