When will the toll tariffs be indexed and how can I get ready for the tariff indexing?

The Belgian toll decrees foresee a yearly indexing of the toll tariffs.

  • As of Monday 1 July 2024, new tariffs for the kilometre charge will apply in Brussels and Flanders.
  • The tariffs for the kilometre charge were indexed in Wallonia on 1 January 2024.

In order to implement the changes mentioned above, the OBUs need to download the latest software update. Like a mobile phone, to be able to download the latest update the OBU must be switched on. Thus, make sure you switch on all your OBUs (and spare OBUs) before the date on which the next tariff indexing is planned so that your OBUs download the necessary update!

- Always keep your OBU switched on as much as possible, even when abroad, so that your OBU can get the latest update as soon as it is released!
- If you use a specific OBU for the first time, keep it switched on for at least one hour so that it has time to download all the latest updates.
- If you have spare OBUs, regularly switch them on (at least once every three months) and keep them powered on for at least three hours.

If your OBU hasn’t downloaded the update before the date on which the tariff indexing is planned, the update will, from that date, automatically be downloaded when you switch on your OBU. You can start driving, but you will have to stop if the OBU light turns red and wait until the OBU light turns green before you can continue your journey. To avoid any waiting time, remember to switch on your OBU before the day on which the next tariff indexing is planned!

The download time of the update depends on the mobile network coverage and on how the OBU is used (frequent sleep/off periods) and does not have any impact on the OBU behaviour!

To verify if the last update has been downloaded and if your OBU thus has the latest software version, see our FAQ "How can I find out what is the software version of my OBU?"

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