Thomas Pferr celebrates his 100 first days as CEO of Satellic and announces 740,000 OBUs distributed

100 days after taking over as CEO of Satellic, Thomas Pferr announces closing the year 2016 on a rather positive result as 740,000 Satellic OBUs are now equipping trucks of over 3.5 tons using the Belgian road network. Even more satisfying is the GPS precision rate of 99.7% recorded by the kilometre charging system set up by Satellic for the Belgian Regions.

As the year comes to its end – and just 100 days after taking over as CEO of the company –, Thomas Pferr, wanted to give an overview on Satellic’s results for 2016. Even if he does not want to deny some issues – solved nowadays – encountered by the users during the first days of operation, he feels quite satisfied about the launch of the kilometre charging system in Belgium on many regards:

  • Satellic developed, in less than two years, the most open and innovative tolling system in Europe. This system is already regarded by other European countries as an example for future similar projects.
  • The GPS precision rate of the system reaches 99.7 %, a very honorable score which even surpasses the Regions’ expectations.
  • 740.000 of the 800.000 produced OBUs are now distributed across Europe.
  • The refurbishment process of OBUs has reached a rhythm which allows Satellic to follow the orders.
  • Thanks to several automated remote updates that have been carried out since the launch of the system, Satellic has introduced a number of new features to better meet the needs and demands of users: journey visualization with the possibility of viewing and downloading several days at once, simplified coupling and decoupling, warning messages on the OBU display, fleet invoicing, etc. Satellic thus responds to the main requests received from users, whether they are fleet managers, drivers or individuals whose vehicle is subject to toll.
  • A new logistics specialist has decided to join the list of Satellic business partners. Indeed, EasyTrip became the thirtieth Business Partners of Satellic, and now offers its support and services to OBU users.

As the system conceived by Satellic is open and flexible, new updates will be planned over the next year to improve the user experience. This process of continuous improvement of the system is part of Satellic's core mission, which the company seeks to accomplish every day.