Update failure on some OBUs

Update failure on some OBUs

In order to guarantee the compliance of every truck with the Belgian regulations concerning the kilometre charge, Satellic regularly updates its systems and OBUs.
Last Thursday (23-APR-2020), Satellic started rolling out its latest update by batches. Unfortunately, while the update occurred successfully on a vast majority of the OBUs, it appeared that a part of them were freezing after the reboot.
When the issue was detected, Satellic immediately stopped the roll-out of the update and analysed what went wrong.

Before being stopped, the update reached 77 712 of the 670 000 OBUs Satellic has in the field.
Among these, about 4 000 updates are still pending, awaiting that the OBU is switched on for being effectively installed, and, so far, about 900 cases of freezing OBUs were already confirmed.
Unfortunately, with the particular circumstances the whole world is currently facing, the exceptional configuration of the call centre did not make it possible to treat all the requests on a prompt manner which added to the very understandable frustration of the users.

As a reliable provider, Satellic will, as always take its responsibility toward its customers:

  • The process for the refund of the full deposit will be simplified and reduced to a maximum of 10 working days for the concerned OBUs
  • The same rule will apply for the refund of the balance of prepaid OBUs
  • Satellic will proactively contact every affected user individually in order to offer a fair compensation for the problems caused.

Moreover, our teams have been working 24/7 in order to develop a solution which is currently in test-phase. This way, we will be able to roll-out a corrected version of our update very soon and make sure, once again, that every truck driving on the Belgian road network remains compliant with the regulation in its matter.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest apology to the users and enterprises which were affected by this issue.