Satellic introduces Service Point accounts on 30 June 2019!

On 30 June 2019, Satellic will introduce Service Point accounts to replace Fast Track accounts, which will cease to exist on that date. These new accounts will allow users who provide an email address and full address and/or VAT number to obtain an OBU from a vending machine. This OBU will not only have the same advantages as an OBU ordered online (billing, VAT recovery, etc.), but will also have an unlimited contractual life instead of the current lifetime of two weeks.

The Service Point account offers users the same advantages, irrespective of how the OBU is ordered

How do I get this OBU?
It couldn't be easier; from 30th June 2019 onwards, go to one of the many service points available in Belgium and near the borders in neighbouring countries to obtain an OBU. The procedure for obtaining an OBU has changed slightly. You must now give your VAT number and full address, as well as an email address where you can be reached. This information will allow Satellic to provide you with the billing documents concerning your road use in Belgium.

Is an OBU obtained from a vending machine before that date still valid?
OBUs taken from our vending machines up until 29th June 2019 have a ‘Fast Track’ lifetime of two weeks. This lifetime can, however, be indefinitely extended by linking or upgrading the OBU to a standard account. To do this, simply go to the Road User Portal, or upgrade directly at one of our dispensers. Fast Track accounts will disappear as soon as the Service Point account is introduced. Satellic will therefore apply its Terms & Conditions concerning Fast Track accounts in waves, starting from 1st July 2019, and will notify the users concerned several times before permanently blocking their OBUs.


Please upgrade!

We encourage all users to upgrade their Fast Track OBU to a standard account on the RUP or at a Service Point. Those who wish to do so can also obtain a new OBU via the Service Point account procedure when this becomes available, and then return the old OBU in the usual way. That would be a more complicated way of doing it, so we encourage users to opt for upgrading to a standard account.