Downtime announcement

At Satellic we are committed to providing an always optimal experience to our valuable customers.

For this reason, we regularly update our systems to guarantee the continuous compliance of your installation with the Belgian regulations concerning the kilometre charge.

This weekend (5 to 7 September 2020), Satellic will perform a major update of its central system which will require a longer downtime period than usual. As usual, these operations will occur at night and during the weekend in order to limit as much as possible the impact on the road users.
Moreover, the payment provider Atos Worldline also scheduled a system maintenance during the same weekend.

As always, the downtime periods will be announced on our website and on Twitter a few days before they occur.

During the scheduled downtimes, operations such as top-up, change of payment means or getting an OBU at a Service Point will not be possible. Should your OBU show a red light, the normal procedure applies and you must contact the call centre of Satellic to avoid potential fines.

Please note that Satellic will continue its mission to collect toll on behalf of the Belgian Regions including during the downtime. Therefore, we advise you to regularly check the validity of your payment cards and your prepaid balance to avoid being blocked during a downtime.

We thank you for your understanding and kind collaboration.