Why does the amount debited from my credit card not correspond to the amount on my billing documents?

All credit institutions use a pre-authorisations system to guarantee credit card payments.

During the creation of your billing documents, Satellic collects the amount of the toll using the reservations (pre-authorisations) of 45 euros that were made beforehand on the credit card. Thus, the total amount charged for the toll does not appear on one single line on your credit card statement, but on several lines. For example, if the tolled amount is €100, three separate lines will appear on your credit card statement: €45 (first pre-authorisation), €45 (second pre-authorisation) and €10 (part of the third pre-authorisation).

If there is no €45 reservation available anymore, the amount charged on your credit card will be lower than the amount on the billing documents. The remaining balance owed will be debited from your credit card later. We will inform you in advance of this late debiting.

Please note that the credit card statement does not show the details per OBU serial number, as it only shows the merchant ID: “Satellic Tolling”. We are currently working together with the credit institutions in order to find a solution aiming at improving the clarity of the tolling charges on the credit card statement.

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