What happens if my vehicle’s licence plate number, country, weight or EURO emission class are rejected and what can I do?

When registering the vehicle, it is important that you enter the correct values and that you upload or scan the right documents on the RUP or at a Service Point. Satellic validates these values based on the documents you provide.

  • Licence plate number and country of the vehicle
    If the documents you uploaded have been rejected because the country code or the licence plate number on the vehicle documents do not match the ones you have registered, the OBU shows a red light and you see “OBU BLOCKED - INVALID REGSTRATION PAPERS” on the OBU display and you will have received a message from us informing you that you have registered an incorrect country or licence plate number.

    You must call the Customer support immediately or follow the procedure hereunder: delete the obsolete or wrong vehicle licence plate by logging onto your account on the Road User Portal, clicking on “My Vehicles & OBUs”, then on the licence plate number that you would like to delete and finally on the “de-register” button. Please refer to our manual Change or Delete vehicle data for more information.

    Please note that when you “de-register” a vehicle, you will not see the data for that vehicle anymore in the vehicle list on the Road User Portal, nor will you be able to access it again at a later stage. You will, however, still be able see the billing documents concerning this licence plate number under “My Invoices”.
  • Weight and EURO emission class of the vehicle
    Usually, the weight and the EURO emission class of a vehicle are rejected because the document(s) provided do not justify the data entered. We remind you that the value which needs to be registered for the weight is the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR). If the EURO emission class or the vehicle’s weight provided cannot be verified, these values will respectively be placed at the highest tariff, as the Kilometre Charging Decrees require. This means that the vehicle’s EURO emission class will be changed to the highest paying emission class (EURO 0) and that the weight class will be changed to the highest weight class. As a consequence, until you provide readable and correct vehicle papers, you will be charged at a higher level than you have to be. In that case, please contact our Customer support.

    For more information about the documents that are accepted by Satellic as proof of data entered, please check out our Vehicle papers and select the country in which your vehicle is registered.


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