What can I do if my OBU calculates a toll on a private road or a private car park?

In order to calculate the correct toll, the OBU uses an internal map that contains all Belgian roads. An algorithm matches the vehicle’s GPS positions with the roads on this map to accurately calculate the road on which the vehicle is being driven.

  • If the vehicle is being driven on a private road which is on the map, the OBU displays “TOLLFREE” and the toll is not charged.
  • If the vehicle is being driven on a private road which is not on the map, there is a chance that the OBU will erroneously charge a toll, but that only happens if the private road is parallel and in close proximity to another road which is a toll road (< 20 metres). In most cases, the erroneous toll is only charged for a few metres (for example when the vehicle is on the edge of the car park).

The simplest way of solving this technical issue is for Satellic to update the OBU map with the private road. We thus recommend you contact the Customer support and provide a detailed description of the location (address, map or GPS coordinates). Satellic will verify this information and add it to the map as soon as possible.

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