Slovenian company Avtotransporti Zupančič wins 10,000 litres of diesel

In order to motivate truck owners to get their On Board Units (OBUs) on-time for the Belgian Kilometre Charging System, Satellic – collecting toll on behalf of the regions in Belgium and currently only operator – organised a raffle in aid of SOS Children’s Villages with two jackpots of 20,000 litres and 10,000 litres of diesel respectively. The name of the second winner was drawn earlier this week. Darko ZUPANČIČ, Manager of Avtotransporti Zupančič was announced as the winner and receives a fuel card with 10,000 litres of diesel.

The second draw was made on March 4th, 2016 by TOMBOLiST ASBL[1]. Among the many participants, Avtotransporti Zupančič was awarded the 10,000 liters of diesel. Darko ZUPANČIČ, Manager of the winning company located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, was keen to "thank Satellic for this gift and DKV for its services as business partners and for supporting us in the registration process and for ordering the winning OBU. Not only we are ready on time for the arrival of the kilometre charging thanks to them, but now we know that we can drive to and thru Belgium with a full tank of diesel."

Margo Vermeiren, Head of Marketing and Communications at Satellic, explains this promotional action by “the need for owners of trucks +3,5 tons to get equipped and try out their On Board Unit as soon as possible in order to be ready for the official launch on April 1st, 2016.” She adds that “Satellic also expresses its gratitude to DKV, who have done a tremendous job in ordering On Board Units for its customers since months now.”

Jürgen Steinmeyer, Director of Toll at DKV Euro Service, adds: “Guaranteed customer service is our main priority, in line with our claim ‘You drive, we care’. That is why we did our utmost to offer our customers the best possible solution for the registration process. Several months ago, DKV started to register the first customers for the new Belgian tolling system and has now successfully registered over 110.000 On Board Units. We would like to express our sincerest thanks for the trust our customers put in us. All the more, we are glad, that one of our customers is now awarded with this price by Satellic.” 

Too late for the raffle but not too late for being ready on time!

Only three weeks before the official launch, Satellic advises all the owners of heavy good vehicles of above 3.5 tons to order OBUsbefore March 20th in order to be sure to receive their OBUs in time. This early commissioning also gives them the time to contact Satellic in case of questions or problems. Moreover, having the OBU installed in the vehicle and having it switched on whilst driving in Belgium or abroad, allows the OBU to receive the latest software updates and being ready on April 1st.

The simplest way to get an OBU, is via the Satellic Road User Portal on

Another easy way to order an OBU is through a Satellic business partner. These enterprises and federations are helping their customers or members to register their companies, and to order and manage their Satellic On Board Units. The list of business partners is updated regularly and can be viewed on Satellic’s partners are: Aral/BP, DKV, ENI/AGIP, euroShell, OMV, Statoil, SVG, UTA, Total, Ressa, Plose, LogPay, E100, Global Star, Eurotoll, Vialtis, Eurowag, Eurotrafic, Gabriëls, Octa+, TLV, Brandstoffen Maes, Febetra, PowerOil, DATS 24, AS24 and ZMPD.

All information relating to the use of the Road User Portal, partners, and OBUs are available on Satellic NV/SA’s website:

SOS Children’s Villages raffle A.R. III/42/6945/14 on the 12/01/2015.
Full rules available on

[1] TOMBOLiST ASBL (non-profit association)| place J. Jacobs, 17 | B-1000 Brussels | Registration # 0453.658.904