Satellic is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that all HGV owners have their equipment in time

While more than 300.000 vehicles have already been registered in the Satellic system, Satellic is ramping up efforts to enable every company to ensure timely compliance with the kilometre charging, which will enter into force on 1 April. Promotional teams are present at strategic locations, close to the borders, not only to inform drivers but also to assist them in registering their vehicles and getting an On Board Unit.

Satellic’s On Board Units (OBU) are currently the only units certified for the Belgian kilometre charging system and, conscious of the importance of its mission, Satellic has pulled out all of the stops to fulfil its public duty. Effectively, more than 300.000 vehicles have already been registered and OBUs ordered. However, although orders of On Board Units are in line with forecasts and are increasing, it is becoming clear that some companies have not yet taken any action.

These companies should recognise that time is running out. From 1 April, all heavy goods vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes will have to be fitted with an On Board Unit in working order, or they run the risk of being enforced and fined.

Accompanying users for the final steps

Ordering an On Board Unit today means having the certainty of being compliant with kilometre charging before 1 April. Satellic is therefore calling on all companies to get equipped as soon as possible! By ordering their OBUs now, companies will be able to equip all of the lorries that need to be, familiarise themselves with using the OBU, get organised internally and avoid bottlenecks and fines by becoming compliant straight away.

To assist users, Satellic has dispatched promotional teams to rest areas and fuel stations aboard mobile homes in the colours of Satellic and Viapass. These teams inform lorry drivers of their obligations and assist them with registering and obtaining an OBU. They are prepared to distribute On Board Units directly to users after registration. A great help for those who have not yet ordered an OBU. 

Act now to avoid queues and problems!

The easiest way to obtain an OBU is to visit the Satellic user portal, which enables each company to access a secure, private personalised area on the Satellic website

Please note: Delivery of the OBU usually takes between 2 and 5 working days depending on the destination countries of the shipment. Delivery may take longer depending on the payment method chosen by the user. Do not forget that Easter weekend falls just before the official launch date on 1 April. We therefore strongly recommend that all vehicle owners affected place an order via now. Please consult the website for more information.

Another easy way to order an OBU is through a Satellic business partner. These enterprises and federations are helping their customers or members to register their companies, and to order and manage their Satellic On Board Units. The list of business partners is updated regularly and can be viewed on Today Satellic’s partners are: Aral/BP, DKV, ENI/AGIP, euroShell, OMV, Statoil, SVG, UTA, Total, Ressa, Plose, LogPay, E100, Global Star, Eurotoll, Vialtis, Eurowag, Eurotrafic, Gabriëls, Octa+, TLV, Brandstoffen Maes, Febetra, PowerOil, DATS 24, AS24 and ZMPD.

All information relating to the use of the Road User Portal, business partners, and OBUs are available on Satellic NV/SA’s website: