Kilometre Charging System in Belgium: Service points are open 24/7 so that OBUs can be obtained before 1 April

From 1 April 2016 all heavy goods vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes will have to be equipped with an On Board Unit (OBU) in working order to pay road tolls in Belgium. Satellic, the only operator authorised to collect toll for the regions on behalf of Viapass, strongly advises those who have not yet obtained or ordered an OBU for 1 April to visit a service point. For those who have already obtained one of the 400,000 OBUs ordered to date, the company advises installing, switching on and using it as much as possible both in Belgium and abroad.

Satellic advises companies/drivers that have already obtained one of the 400,000 OBUs ordered to date to install it as soon as possible in their vehicle and to keep it switched on while driving, both in Belgium and abroad. For the device to work you must have a minimum balance of 50 euros if using pre-paid mode, or have linked a payment method to the OBU if using post-paid mode. Driving with the OBU switched on is free until 1 April and enables you to be ready on the road charging implementation date.

For companies/drivers who have not yet obtained an OBU and are obliged to have one before 1 April, Satellic advises them to visit one of the numerous service points available in Belgium and close to borders in neighbouring countries as soon as possible. Users must note that it is no longer possible to guarantee delivery before 1 April for orders placed via However, ordering online remains the easiest way of obtaining an OBU for those who can wait a bit longer before using the Belgian road network.

In addition to the more than 100 fixed service points, 20 mobile service points will be fully operational from Tuesday, 29 March 2016. These mobile service points have been deployed in strategic locations and are staffed by trained agents who can assist drivers with registration and obtaining an OBU.

All fixed and mobile service points are indicated on the map available here.

Satellic recommends picking up OBUs now from one of the service points and not waiting until 1 April, when traffic jams caused by those who were late to register are expected at the border.