There are three ways to get an OBU: online on the Road User Portal, through a Business Partner or directly at a Service Point.

You can easily merge a service point account with an existing standard account, even when the exact same vehicle is already registered in your standard account. 

You can do this by following the “I’m driving” process: 
1) Log in via your licence plate number, the country of origin of the vehicle and the PIN code you received when you got the OBU. Choose: "ADD VEHICLE TO MY STANDARD ACCOUNT". 

You can return your OBU on the Road User Portal or at a Service Point.

Go to the Road User Portal, log onto your account, then click on the blue circle entitled “OBUs” and choose the OBU for which you want to change the payment method. Select “CHANGE PAYMENT MEANS” and follow the different steps. For more information on the detailed procedure, please read our manual “Change your Payment Means”.

Satellic refunds your deposit automatically within 30 days after the OBU arrived at our warehouse if:


As per 1 July, there is an indexing of the Flemish and Brussels toll tariffs

Aire de repos

Service Point Tournai (B288c: VM086)
GPS: 50.59727 - 3.45061
50° 35' 50.172" - 3° 27' 2.196"

This winter, the indexing of the Walloon toll tariffs will take place on 1 January 2022. The Walloon government decided to index its tariffs for all the vehicles on which the kilometre charge applies.

Please note that the return of an OBU via the Road User Portal and the pick-up service are limited exclusively to returns from within the European Union. For returns from any other country, shipping and customs charges are the sole responsibility of the user. Satellic will refuse any shipment that does not meet these requirements and will therefore not be able to refund the deposit.

Service Station

Service Point Shell Wemperhardt (L029 - VM117)
GPS: 50.1561 - 6.0509
50° 9' 21.96" - 6° 3' 3.24"