Satellic stays fully committed to its mission, its people and its community

As many other companies in Belgium and around the world, Satellic is currently dealing with the consequences of the rapid expansion of the coronavirus.

Conscious of its first importance economic and social responsibility, the company took several measures in order to ensure the safety of its and its suppliers’ employees and to take part to the common civic effort to stop the contagion among the Belgian population.

By doing so, Satellic also ensures the maximum operational continuity and the future full recovery of its service.

Measures taken

  • We closely follow the guidelines of the Coronavirus crisis centre by promoting teleworking and offering flexibility to the employees.
  • We separate resources having common key skills and responsibilities for diluting the risks.
  • Face-to-face conversations and meetings are now fully digitalised.
  • Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, it was decided to temporarily stop accepting cash payments at the Service Points to reduce the risk of contamination by cash.
  • All our key providers are requested to proceed the same way.

Nevertheless, despite all the mitigation measures we can take, the risk zero does not exist and, for some of our services, we also depend on the political decisions taken abroad, such as the closing of some borders which does not allow us to deliver OBUs in the same timeframe as usual.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.