Recycling to move forward

At Satellic, we are committed to being a responsible member of our community. This is why we have set up, since day one, a recycling mechanism for our OBUs.

With the company WAAK, a Belgian champion of the sustainable and conscious circular economy, and with the help of our users who return their OBUs when they are defective or no longer useful, we recycle several tens of thousands of OBUs every year.

To help us in this task and to reduce waste as much as possible, we recommend that all users ensure that they include batteries and suction cups when they return their OBUs.

However, we are aware that this is not always easy and that one does not always have everything needed at hand. In order to avoid this causing stress for users, Satellic will now fully refund the deposit for returned OBUs even when the battery or suction cups are not included in the shipment (the general conditions remain the same for other types of damage).

In order to protect the environment though, we recommend that users recycle these items in accordance with the EU recycling guidelines. We thank them in advance.