Change for credit card payments

Change for credit card payments

Our electronic payment operator for credit cards, Atos WorldLine, introduces this month a new model for managing the renewal of credit cards that have reached their expiry date.

From now on the old credit card will be automatically deactivated, even if the expiry date has not yet been reached, once a first transaction is made with the new card.

This model ensure you optimal security by avoiding having two cards linked to the same account at the same time.

What does this mean for me?

If you pay the kilometre charge by credit card in post-paid mode, the system requires, whenever necessary, a 45€ pre-authorisation on the card. However, this pre-authorisation cannot be completed if your card has been deactivated in the meantime, and you risk that your OBU will turn red.

To avoid this, please correctly update your payment means in your account as soon as you receive your new credit card or as soon as you plan to use it for any transaction.

Looking for simplicity?

Satellic is providing its customers with the option to pay the toll using direct debit (post-paid scheme), provided that the following conditions are met: meeting the financial solvency standards, providing a bank guarantee equivalent to two months of toll, and a signed SEPA Direct Debit B2B mandate.

Satellic makes this option available, without discrimination, to all customers who meet the applicable criteria. If you want to pay the toll using direct debit or if you have any questions about the direct debit option, please send an e-mail to