Why has my credit card been blocked or refused?

  • You may have exceeded you credit card limit. It might happen happen if you have only one credit card as a guaranteed payment method for multiple OBUs. If this happens, you can no longer use this credit card since the transactions performed with it will be refused by the bank which issued your credit card, and thus the OBUs coupled to this credit card will be blocked (red light).
  • Your credit card can also be blocked if you have performed multiple¬†transactions of the same amount to the same recipient (here Satellic for the pre-authorisations of 45 euros or for the payment of a deposit of 135 euros per OBU). This measure is taken by the credit card issuer to prevent fraud on your credit card.

If your credit card is blocked or refused, please contact your credit card issuer. We advise you to also ensure that the usage limit of your credit card is high enough as well as the number of identical transactions authorised.

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