What should I do if my OBU shows a red light?

When you have a red light on your OBU, you are not compliant with the requirements of the Belgian Kilometre Charging System and you risk being fined.

First of all, stop driving as soon as possible.

Your OBU may display a red light for several reasons. Carry out the checks described hereunder and in the "Red light OBU" video:

  • Have you received an e-mail stating that your vehicle papers have been rejected? Check in the Road User Portal if all the data is correct and adjust where necessary.
  • If you pay the toll prepaid: check if you have a sufficient balance and if not, top up your OBU.
  • If you pay the toll post-paid: check if the pre-authorisation on your credit card has been successful and if not, contact your credit card issuer.
  • Has the OBU been switched on for more than 15 minutes? If not, switch on the OBU and wait for 15 minutes. Make sure the OBU has a clear view to the sky and that you are not in a tunnel or an underground car park. Do a test drive after 15 minutes.

If the problem is not solved, please call our Customer support (available 24/7)on 00800-72 83 55 42 or 00800-SATELLIC (from Belgium and neighbouring countries) or dial +32 2 416 0 416 from everywhere else. Please note that calls from mobile networks are likely to be surcharged (check the terms and conditions of your mobile service operator).


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