What should I do if my OBU display shows the message “BLOCKED”?

There are multiple reasons why your OBU might be blocked. We advise you to do the following checks:

  • If you have received an e-mail stating that your vehicle papers have been rejected, you must check your vehicle registration on the Road User Portal and verify if all the data you registered corresponds to the data on your vehicle documents.
  • If you selected prepaid as your payment method, check if you have credit on your OBU.
    If the OBU does not have any credit balance left, please top up your prepaid balance. This is possible at the Service Point or on the Road User Portal. Details can be found in the download area in the RUP-manual "Top up your OBU".
  • If you selected post-paid as your payment method, check if the credit card is not blocked, for example because the card’s limit has been exceeded. The pre-authorisation on the credit card must be successful as well. If not, contact your credit card issuer.
  • Is your OBU “active”? Check this on the Road User Portal under 'My OBUs'.
  •  If your OBU is indicated as "stolen" or "lost", the OBU is blocked.

If your OBU is still blocked after you did all the checks above, please contact the Customer support.

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