What is the amount of the fine?

The Regional tax authorities impose fines on truckers who do not meet the requirements of the Kilometre Charging System.
Since January 2018, the amount of the imposed fine varies according to the seriousness of the infringement:

  • 1,000 euros for a Category A infringement:
    - manipulating the On Board Unit (OBU) with the intent to defraud
    - falsifying the vehicle papers which are required to determine the maximum permissible total weight and the vehicle's EURO Emission Class (with the intent to defraud)
  • 800 euros for a Category B infringement:
    - there is no OBU on board the vehicle to calculate the toll in Belgium
    - for the vehicle concerned, no service contract has been concluded with one of the providers accredited by Viapass to calculate the kilometre charge in Belgium
  • 500 euros for a category C infringement:
    - the OBU is not switched on
    - the OBU present on board the vehicle is coupled to another vehicle (another licence plate number)
    - use of the Belgian road network after the service contract with the provider (e.g. Satellic) has been terminated
    - use of the Belgian road network with an OBU after the means of payment linked to this OBU has become insufficient
    - the OBU reports a problem or does not seem to be working, and the vehicle owner does not immediately contact the service provider (e.g. Satellic)
    - the OBU reports a problem or does not seem to be working, and the vehicle owner immediately contacts the service provider (e.g. Satellic), but does not comply with the instructions received
  • 100 euros for a category D infringement:
    - any other infringement to the kilometre charge not mentioned above

    More information on the Viapass Website.  
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