Satellic provides an update of the Kilometre Charging System one year prior to the project’s go­‐live

The Kilometre Charging System for heavy goods vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight of over 3.5 tonnes will come into force in Belgium on 1 April 2016. Satellic NV, the system’s toll operator, is making its final preparations.

Satellic has been appointed as Service Provider by the Belgian regional authorities

The three Belgian regional authorities signed a political agreement in 2011 on the reform of the road tax system, and decided upon the introduction of a Kilometre Charging System. The company Satellic NV was set up in July 2014 after winning the public tender for implementing a Kilometre Charging System in Belgium. Satellic signed a contract in that same month with Viapass to design, build, finance, maintain and operate the system.

Work in full swing

The production of 800 000 ordered On Board Units is in full swing and toll terminals, for obtaining and returning OBUs, are being set up in Belgium and its neighbouring countries. Satellic has also started implementing the enforcement systems that monitor the correct use of the OBUs. There are three types of enforcement systems: fixed gantries over major roads, flexible systems that can be mounted on bridges or alongside roads and manned vehicles for mobile enforcement. So far, 14 out of 40 ordered fixed gantries have been installed. Flexible and mobile gear are being produced and equipped. Meanwhile, Satellic is also setting up its call center.

The system is being designed and built by Satellic for launch by 1 April 2016. Satellic is also responsible for financing, maintaining and operating the system until 2028.