Kilometre charge: only vehicles with a "Y" road test plate are out of scope

Kilometre charge: only vehicles with a "Y" road test plate are out of scope

Since 1 January 2021, the kilometre charge must be paid for Heavy Goods Vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of over 3.5 tons and semi-trailer vehicles of category N1 with body code BC when they are driven in Belgium with a V professional plate, a Z dealer plate, or a UA national plate. They must be equipped with a working On Board Unit (OBU) for driving on the Belgian road network.

HGVs and semi-trailer vehicles with a Y road test plate are excluded from the kilometre charge, provided that very specific conditions are met.

What is a road test plate?

As its name suggests, the new road test plate is intended for test drives with a view to European or national approval of vehicles, systems, components, and technical units of vehicles. It starts with a Y, followed by three letters and three numbers. Manufacturers, research centres of higher education institutions, organisers of test drives with autonomous vehicles and companies that perform tests on components or systems will be able to apply for the road test plate.

These vehicles are not allowed to be used for the transport of any cargo. If this condition is met, the truck or semi-trailer vehicle with the road test plate will not be subject to the kilometre charge. The owner can notify the Region where the vehicle is registered that it is used exclusively for the above mentioned purposes. The registration form can be found at

How to register a dealer plate?

For dealer plates, you can register the weight of the heaviest vehicle and the lowest emission class (60 tons / EURO 0) in order to cover all the vehicles which might be equipped with these plates. Should you prefer to add exact values, these would need to be corroborated by official vehicle documents. If documents are not available yet, you can easily update the vehicle data and upload the required documents later (see links hereunder). Remember that you are responsible for the data that was entered.

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