Why are the distance driven and toll amount not refreshing at midnight?

On your OBU display, the values representing the distance driven (on the bottom left) and the toll incurred (on the top right) are supposed to reset to 0.00 at midnight every day.
However, the OBU might reset at a different time of the day if the OBU internal clock stopped for a while because the OBU was not plugged in, causing its internal battery to run down to 0%. When the OBU is plugged back in to the power, the internal clock resumes counting from the time it stopped. This internal clock has no influence on the toll calculation times.

To avoid this, please keep the OBU plugged in to the power as much as possible and never drive for more than four hours using the OBU battery only.

If your OBU is behaving as such, you must reboot the OBU completely (simply waking it from sleep won’t work). You can contact our Customer support to have your OBU rebooted remotely.

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