Where can I find my billing documents?

All billing documents are available on the Road User Portal (RUP). To access them, log onto the RUP, click on “My Invoices”, choose the desired “invoice date” and click on the corresponding  “View >>” (on the same line to the right). Under the “Licence plate number” column, click on the licence plate number you are interested in and you will be able to download all existing invoices for this vehicle.

You can also receive paper invoices: this is a paid service offered by Satellic which can be activated on the Road User Portal. You can find the price of this service in section “5. Printing of billing documents” of the Billing guide. We kindly recommend you contact our Customer support before activating this service.

For more information on the different billing documents, please read our Billing guides: "Billing Guide – If I pay the toll post-paid with a fuel card, via a Business Partner or by direct debit" OR "Billing Guide – If I pay the toll prepaid, or post-paid with a credit card".

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