What should I do before using my spare OBUs?

Two situations are possible.

1) Your spare OBU has never been switched on before (storage and transportation mode):
OBUs that you keep as spare units can be stored without having to be recharged regularly, providing the OBUs have never been switched on and thus still remain in “transportation mode”. Ideally the OBU should be stored at between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius when in transportation mode to allow for a longer storage period.

2) Your spare OBU has already been switched on or used at least once (normal mode):
once the OBU has been switched on once it is in “normal mode” and will consume some power even in sleep mode. In order to allow Satellic to update the software installed on the OBU, you must regularly (at least once every three months) activate your OBU and keep it powered on for at least three hours (which will recharge them to a minimum of 50% of their capacity). Please note that, to recharge the OBUs, you need to leave them switched on (LED permanently on, screen showing info). Tip: your OBU can also be recharged in a standard household electric socket using a 12 volt adapter with a cigarette lighter socket. In that case, make sure you “shake” your OBU whenever it goes into sleep mode.

- If the LEDs and the screen are switched off, press the “OK” button(✓) to switch the OBU on again.
- If a LED is flashing, please connect your OBU to power. After disconnecting your OBU from power, the OBU will remain on for a while and then switch off the display automatically. 

Please note that, while charging, the OBU will also update its software to the latest software version available. We therefore advise you to charge your spare OBUs regularly so that you always drive with the latest software version.

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