Satellic brings 30,000 litres of diesel into play

As the kilometre charging system for HGVs of over 3.5 tonnes will be entering into force in Belgium in less than three months, it is vital that transport companies and other HGV owners equip themselves with On Board Units and get used to using them, as they will be a requirement in every heavy goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes as of 1 April this year. Satellic, with the help of its distribution partners, is the only operator to guarantee the delivery of On Board Units in time to comply with the new requirement beginning 1 April 2016.

Order, register, enter and help yourself by helping out

In order to assist those companies who are currently adapting to the new system, Satellic already began taking registrations and orders for On Board Units on 1 October, together with offering customer service. Now the company responsible for setting up the system across all three regions of the country goes a step further since it is giving every company that has already equipped or will be equipped with an OBU in the next two months of 2016 the opportunity to enter a raffle in aid of SOS Children’s Villages. The first prize of 20,000 litres of diesel will go to the winner in January and the second prize of 10,000 litres of diesel in February.

In practice, each OBU commissioned between 1 October 2015 and 31 January 2016 guarantees a ticket for entry into the first draw. Each OBU ordered between 1st and February 29th 2016 guarantees a ticket for entry into the second draw. By ordering their OBUs now, companies can kill six birds with one stone:

1.     Internally organise their company;

2.     Equip all the HGVs which need to be equipped;

3.     Familiarise themselves with using OBUs;

4.     Avoid traffic jams and fines by complying from now on;

5.     Take part in the draw and potentially walk away with one of the two fantastic prizes that are on offer;

6.     Help the SOS Children’s Villages association to carry out its humanitarian work for the benefit of children in need around the world but also in Belgium.

How do I order On Board Units and enter the raffle?

The simplest way of getting an OBU is via the Satellic Road User Portal which allows every company to access a private, personalised and secure space on the Satellic website

On this portal, it is possible to register a company and its vehicles, order one or more OBUs, couple and uncouple OBUs and vehicles and manage all the data for both company and vehicles in an easy and accessible manner. OBUs which have been ordered online will be delivered by post after ordering and paying a deposit of 135 Euros per OBU. The deposit can be paid by credit card, fuel card or bank transfer.

Another easy way to register a company and get an OBU is using the services of one of Satellic’s business partners. Those enterprises and federations are helping their customers or members to register their companies and order and manage their Satellic OBUs. OBUs ordered through a Satellic business partner are also eligible for winning the prize. The list of business partners is updated regularly and can be viewed on As of today Satellic’s partners are: Aral/BP, AS24, Brandstoffen Maes, DATS 24, DKV, ENI/AGIP, euroShell, eurotoll, Eurotrafic, Eurowag, E100, Febetra, Gabriëls, Global Star, LogPay, Multi Service Tolls, Octa+, OMV, PowerOil, Plose, Ressa, Statoil, SVG, TLV, Total, UTA, Vialtis.

All information relating to the use of the user portal, partners, and OBUs are available on Satellic NV/SA’s website.