What is the recapitulation sheet?

The recapitulation sheet is created in your preferred language (Dutch, French, English or German) and shows the total amount of kilometres charged for one vehicle in the three Belgian Regions, as well as the corresponding amount to be paid. This amount is already paid. When you are on a prepaid scheme you did this by topping up your OBU. When you are on a post-paid scheme, the toll is already paid by your credit or fuel card issuer, by your Business Partner or by direct debit.

Important: note that if you pay the toll on a post-paid scheme with a fuel card, via a Business Partner or by direct debit, you do not receive the recapitulation sheet, but an official document entitled ‘the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement’, a document which gathers all the toll driven by your fleet per Region and per payment mean. In the Annex to the fleet invoice/fleet tax statement, you will find the details per vehicle-OBU combination, which includes the detailed trip statement per Region.

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