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Once you have created your account on the Road User Portal, you can start registering your vehicles.

Important if you still have a fast-track account: A fast-track account is a temporary basic account which is only valid during 15 days! You therefore need to upgrade to a free full account after this period e.g. to be able to get official invoices and to recuperate the 21% VAT on the Walloon invoices (Sofico invoices).

In order to register a vehicle you need to provide the following information:

  • Country of origin of the vehicle
  • Licence plate number,
  • Maximum authorised vehicle weight,
  • Emission class.

If you are not sure which weight to register, click here

In case you cannot prove your vehicle’s emission class, we kindly refer you to the website of Viapass. On this website, you will find a table that will support you during the registration process. 

To complete the vehicle registration, you need to upload a copy of all relevant vehicle papers. It is important that the vehicle data registered on the Road User Portal correspond with the data on the vehicle papers. This ensures that you will pay the correct toll and avoid fines.