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Kilometer Charging System in Belgium for Heavy Goods Vehicles (+3.5t)

On 1.April 2016 a new kilometer charging system for heavy goods vehicles in Belgium has been introduced. This implies that every heavy goods vehicle (+3.5t) must be equipped with a working On Board Unit (OBU) when driving on any Belgian road. Satellic has provided more than 600.000 OBUs to its customers in Belgium and abroad (more information see fact sheet). 

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get an On Board Unit (OBU)?

The bill: when and how?

Red light OBU?

Which information is provided on the OBU-display?

Vehicle papers validation

Couple and decouple an OBU


From a fast-track account to a full account

Deposit and prepaid balance refund  

Should you have any further questions on the Satellic services, please check the full list of our FAQs.






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Registration via a partner

The Satellic Partners offer you support in the context of the Belgian Kilometer Charging System. The support differs from assisting with the account registration to the coupling of the On Board Unit to the vehicle and others (for example payments).


Are you on the road?

When you urgently need an OBU, you can get one at a Service Point. Satellic has more than 100 Service Points in Belgium and abroad.


Do you have a question?

If you have a question, the FAQ-section on our website provides an answer to the most common questions. The download-section provides lots of information as well.


How to start your journey

  • Register your account Register your account
  • Register your vehicle Register your vehicle
  • Get your OBU Get your OBU
  • Couple your OBU to a vehicle Couple your OBU to a vehicle

To get started you need:

  • License plate number
  • Your company's VAT number
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
  • Emission class
Register now and avoid fines
You will need a scan of your vehicle documents to get started


Do you want to receive all the latest news about the Road Charging System in Belgium? Please check out our news section.

  • New release implemented, new functionalities for road users

    Last weekend, on the 10th July, a software update of the Satellic tolling system was installed. This update offers you some new interesting functionalities like journey visualisation for free. Based upon the request of our business partners, federations and road users, following functionalities are available as of now: Journey visualisation, easier (de)coupling, extra business partners selection on RUP or Service point ...more

  • Satellic: the first 100 days

    Just 100 days after the launch of the kilometre charging for trucks in Belgium, Satellic makes a first assessment on this launch period and asks several stakeholders about their perception. ...more

  • Detailed trip statement available in CSV-format as of now

    Based upon the request of many customers and partners, we have implemented the functionality for the road user to be able to download the detailed trip statement in csv-format. ...more



Do you want to join our dynamic team and help implement road charging, where heavy goods vehicle owners pay their fair share based on the ‘user pays’ principle? Do not hesitate to apply now. We are currently looking for the following people:

  • 2nd Line Agent Customer Support

  • Service delivery manager - Client relationship

  • Account manager